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Cazpurr Bengal Cats

How to o find a kitten or cat!

First, there are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself.   Am I doing this after seriously considering the time, energy and money it will take to be a good pet parent?  Am I willing to be responsible for this animal for its entire lifetime, up to 20+ years ?  Am I in a settled enough lifestyle and position to have an animal ? 

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If you have considered these things, then you are off to a good start.  Bringing a pet into the family is a long-term commitment.  Learning about the breed you are interested in is the first step. Buying your kitten from a responsible breeder is the next.  

Determining a 

reputable Breeder

 Ask lots of questions:

  •  What are the characteristics of the Breed?

  •  Do you provide a written sale agreement that includes a health guarantee?  

  •  Do you Spay/Neuter your pet quality kitten before placing them?

  •  What diseases and conditions does your health guarantee cover?

  •  What vaccinations has the kitten received?

  •  How are kittens raised? (i.e. In the house, In a kennel, In cages)

  • Can you provide references?  

  • Are you a member in good standing of TICA, and TIBCS, or TIBBA?

  • When can I get my kittens papers?

 There are several things you can expect from a responsible breeder. 

  •  Guarantee that your kitten is in good health, and free from feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency  (FIV).

  •  They will strongly advise you to have your own veterinarian examine your kitten within a few days of purchase to confirm the kitten is in good health.

  •  Require that you have your kitten neutered or spayed at the appropriate age. (Some breeders participate in early spay/neuter)

  •  Provide a written sales agreement that describes all terms of the sale including the breeder’s health guarantee and the neuter/spay agreement.

  • Be intensely interested in the welfare of every kitten they produce, and encourage you to call with any questions or concerns.

  • Allow their kittens to go to their new home at 12 weeks or older.

  •  Keep papers until proof of Spay/Neuter is received.

Do not be offended if the breeder asks you several questions.  Such as if you have other pets, and if they have been tested and/or vaccinated against contagious disease.  A responsible breeder sees each kitten as a little member of the family, not a commodity.

If you find a breeder you feel meets your expectations, be willing to wait for a kitten.  Responsible breeders are breeding to improve their breed, not fill a demand for kittens.  If you spend just a little extra time, in research, planning and looking, you are sure to find the right kitten. 

Best wishes.  

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