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Cazpurr Bengal Cats Breeders for high quality in Bengal Cats

Region Winner 2002-2003.  Goldspurr Wildcard pictured as a kitten above  won his Quad Championship at his forth TICA show on July 13th, 2003.  Congrats Wildcard on your Win. Please check my Gallery pictures for all up dated Stud pictures.


 We take Great Pleasure in Welcoming you to the site of Mark and Linda Johnson.  Cazpurr bengals is located in Illinois a little S.W. of Joliet, IL.  We work  hard at producing our bengals to look like the Asian leopard cat.  Just think a beautiful domesticated asian leopard on your lap.  We produce the very loving personality, a purr button you might say with that extra ordinary loving personality.  If you are wanting a kitten for  breeding, showing or just plain wanting  that extra ordinary personality.

 We have been showing for almost 5 years now in the Great Lakes Regional.  We have had some very exceptional show Winners.  We specialize in Wilder Exotic looking Heads, Leopard spotting and Excellent Type for the New Show standard.  We are Dedicated to Selectively Breeding Top Quality Bengal cats for pet, showing or breeding.



When we are successful in the show rings we are telling you that our bengals are exceptional in every way including the purr part of the  personalities.  Judges don't place cats that are not exceptional for their breed.   Which is where you come in as a buyer.  We in return will offer you a nice kitten or cat for your home.  A nice lap cat "a purr button".

Even though many of our cats and kittens are Show Quality, we sell them as Pets, Show alters, and on occasions as Breeders.  We produce mostly Highly Colored Glittered Spotted Kittens along with Tri Colored Marble Kittens in many different colors.  We also have retired show breeders for Sale on occasions.



How to find a kitten Click here. 


Ch Cazpurr Alexis
So you're interested in owning a Bengal, Excellent Choice! Click here to see Bengal History! Through generations of breeding our cats have the look of the wild with the temperament of the domestic cat for the conscientious cat owner who expects the extraordinary.   If you are looking for nice lap cats we have them.  You will have to check them out on the kitten page.  If you don't find what you are looking for there go check out my sister's site at Leopard Paws Bengals.  Click here!
We stand behind our cats with written health guarantees, sales contracts and health records along with your kitten's breeding history. We are a small breeder and intend to stay that way. We can give the attention and love to all of our kittens to make them a better pet for you.
Poisonous Plants to your kitty.  Please click here:
RW QGC Gateways Blazin Spots of Cazpurr


Cazpurr Bengal's is a registered TICA, TIBCS, TIBBA and ACFA Cattery.  We presently  show our cats in Tica show's located in the Great Lakes Region.  We are new members of ACFA and are going to be showing in their up coming shows in 2004. 

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