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Cazpurr Bengals



           Here's how to reach us:



 phone: 815-673-3678


 U.S. mail: Linda Johnson
                  7901 E. 3000 N.
                  Manville, IL  61319



Why am I a breeder and is it worth It?  These letters from customers 
explain it all.....

Wedenesday, August 21, 2002

Linda, our cat we purchased from you is doing great! only cried the first night. He has adapted very well. He has gone in the liter box every time to go potty. He loves to play and have fun just like you said. His name is Simara.  Simara already knows our house. He is still a little scared of strangers. This cat is very very smart. He already comes to his name and recognizes me and Denise. He is everything you promised us plus more! Thanks for giving us your print out of how you took care of him. I think that made him adapt much better. We really give you big compliments on your breeding capabilities and how clean your cat areas and home is. Keep up the good work and thanks a billion for the totally awesome Bengal!!!

Thanks, Rhett & Denise McCrady 



Wednesday, October 30, 2002


   Thank you for the photo. I was going to write to you yesterday, but our
computers were down (a server, main hard drive, fried). I will send you
some digital email photos of her today or tomorrow in her new environments (or
 when  the computers are working fully). She is one happy kitty. I renamed
her Tiger Lily (we just call her Lily) and she is just precious. She goes to
work with me and has the run of the office where all my coworkers play with
  Everyone loves her dearly....she is spunky and so loveable all in one. I
 can't thank you enough for such a precious bundle of joy. She loves to be
 perched on tall slender items (such as my shoulder), is real curious, and
will only sleep on or close to me. She hardly cries at all and makes
really cute noises when she eats her chicken. I couldn't be happier! Everyone
 comments on how she melts like butter in your hands. Such exceptional
 quality! I must get back to work now (as I didn't work too much
yesterday - worrying about her getting adjusted to her new environments) as she is
currently sleeping on my lap and I will take this opportunity to get some
computer work done now that the computers are somewhat working.

 P.S. - Lily taught me that if you press the space bar while searching a
web site, my screen will automatically scroll down - she's already teaching me
 about computers! I just love her so much!

 Talk to you soon.



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