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Cazpurr Bengals

Photo Gallery of Studs
A New Silver boy adding to a new and exciting Cazpurr and WildIsle's Silver Line! 

BaliHai Silverado Streaker. Sixteen Weeks.


    RW QGC  Gateways Blazin Spots of Cazpurr

Silverado is Co-Owned with Dee Ellis of WildIsle's Bengal who is located in Troy, MO.  Dee and I first saw each other about a year ago at a cat show in the Chicago area.  Since then we have become very close friends and I am looking forward to our up coming cats in our new Silver program. 

A nice Silver to Silver breeding.  Who says you can't be a Silver and win ribbons?  Our new boy took 5 ribbons out of 10 rings and received  four 2nd placements  at the 2003 October Tica on Safari .  We would like to thank Kathy Morlang from Bali Hai Bengals


Blaze's Sweet personality and his Clear Golden Color won him his Ch, GC, DGC, and TGC this 2001-2002 show year.  He also won Regional awards for being the 17th Best Shorthair Cat and 2nd best in Color at the Great Lakes Regional awards.  Go Blaze!!

Blaze has been able to re-produce his lovely golden color and glitter on his kittens along with that exceptional personality that goes along with showing in the ring.  His kittens make excellent pets for the pet buyer who wants that extra ordinary pet!!

Congrats Wildcard on your 2002 - 2003 show year.  You ranked 8th best shorthair cat in the Great Lakes Region and won third best Brown spotted Tabby in Color awards.  You also finished out with 16th place  up against all the cats for the year that showed against you.  Great Job!!!

This Cazpurr RW-Quad Grand Champion is the son of  IW-SGC Hunterdonhall Tarzan.  

His larger ink jet spotting is beginning to form donut rosettes in them.  He has a very nice wild looking face with Aqua colored eyes.  Nice  chaining of rosettes down his upper back add to his random pattern  with his rounded ears and thicker tail. His pelt (fur) is as soft as silk. The softest I have ever felt before. 

Wild Card got his Champion and Grand Champion at his first show then he went on to get his Double and his Triple at his 2nd Tica show this year.  Received his Quad in only 4 shows.  I can't tell you how proud we are of this guy.  If you are wanting some wild looking kittens with that extra soft pelt you can't go wrong with this guys kittens for Show, Breeder or Pet.


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