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Cazpurr Bengals



New litter born on Nov. 12th 2003. From the Following parents

RW QGC Goldspurr Wildcard of Cazpurr

 Pandora of Cazpurr

Litter of 5 shown below (12-15-03).  

  Lots of color and Glitter and is now sold.  Going to Diane Bertrand.

Diane is from Spring Valley, IL.  Nice Job what a sweetie!

 Going to Gerald Grunden and Tracey Stano!

Congrats on your new kitten for your breeding program.


 Going to Shelia Ellis from Michigan.

Nice Marble Shelia!


Girl Kitten!

Staying here at Cazpurr Bengals


Going to Laura Ratliff of Goldspurr Bengals.

Congrats!! Laura on your new male.

Please check back for new and upcoming litters. 
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